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The latest standards of the apparel export SASO Saudi customs clearance

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nce Saudi Arabia SASO standard organization policy since the latest customs, clothing export Saudi Arabia must have SASO certificate of clearance can smoothly through the customs.Often customers will require companies to deal with before order SASO certificate of clearance.

For the first time out of the mouth in Saudi Arabia, or clothes for the first time come to Saudi Arabia's foreign trade personnel, many will feel puzzled, how to deal with the SASO certificate plays, then there are all kinds of network check relevant information and data.Some people even directly entrusted to freight charge, but this is not desirable, a is easy with high price for the agent is not hard to a thing.

Today, we will give you break down the clothing method for SASO certificate.

First of all, for your information to export goods have a ready to, this is very easy to ready, is aimed to discuss with SASO for institutions will use.These information mainly includes three aspects: 1) there are several kinds of cloth;2) what is the total value;3) various clothing fabric images. 

Why to these information, because of these data, SASO for institutions to give you an offer according to your shipping information and estimate the cycle.Some people may encounter such a situation, is to find the pure detection unit, they are not the SASO certificate, this is awkward, because you have to find a can of his agency to review the test report and inspection.So, dear friends foreign trade don't seek a one-stop services, also don't find don't know, you ask him a question, he would have to ask the manager said, the early and then hang up, he will not be hurt.

Well, said to the chase, clothing SASO certificate will include two aspects, one is the sample testing, another site inspection.Inspection is commonly after sample testing, of course, there are at the same time, to look at your goods type, so the detailed product information or very be necessary.

The following key said the transaction process:

1) ready goods pictures and value of information (in dollar terms);

2) find a one-stop service agencies, is that you send us samples, other don't have to worry about;

3) talk about good price and cycle, after you send the samples to deal with institutions;

4) coordinate and deal with institutions good inspection time.

5) get SASO certificate.

Clothing SASO testing project includes the following:

1) dimensional change;2) wash fastness;3) PH value;4) formaldehyde;5) combustion performance;6) the fastness to dry cleaning,7) the color fastness to perspiration;8) azo;Dye sensitization to 9), etc



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