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How to pull off in the Middle East customers

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The first question, what countries do you know the Middle East are included?, baidu is popular science to us: "Middle East" concept about which countries and regions, including both at home and abroad is uncertain, but generally refers to west Asia, north Africa, about 24 countries, more than 1500 square kilometers, population of 360 million.West Asia countries including Saudi Arabia, Iran, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, bahrain, Iraq, the united Arab emirates (uae), Turkey, Israel, Palestine, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, yemen and Cyprus.Including north Africa, Sudan, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, the Azores, Madeira islands.

Friend company to sign the list this year, 90% are in the Middle East.Iraq's list account for half of performance, and the rest is the united Arab emirates dubai.Last month signed a 20 ft Algeria, this month has just had a customer in Israel.Made an Egyptian customer last year and now waiting for customer new order of payment.A client of Lebanon also waiting for payment.So when it comes to this, is to say, the Middle East market has really endless treasure, developed, we will make the golden bowl full of water.Start to the chase:



Give a reasonable price



Prices must be reasonable for the Middle East.To do foreign trade generally know counterparts how much is the price of products, popular items was lower, profits can be raised some new products.Of course, also have to have a lower limit, too low, the customer a price, you this list to yellow, held at 15% still has to offer.Just signed a single Israel this month, the normal price at usd 7000 we shipped to the customer, the customer ask to bargain to more than 5000 knife.Do it, no profits (even the drawback estimation can have a dozen points on profits.)Don't do it, the customer is dealer, the first single is spared, later want to Jonathan.We both grinding from June 15 until 7.8, eventually I caved in.Who let somebody else's customer is the god, we want to take money from somebody else's pocket, it is not easy.



Pay attention to emotional investment and pr effect



The Middle East customers pay attention to feeling very much.They like to share with you print their family life and travel photos.There must be more praise, more to share our life with him, because they are curious.I took myself, the united Arab emirates (uae) developed four customers, all three have done single, two back to back sheet, a fourth new development.Develop first dubai customers last year, from April PI in October last year, that is suffering.Last post also mentioned, customer color don't don't of, is to want to chat all day.Need to change the PI, call me up at 3 in the middle of the night to change PI to payment.Results of wake up and change the PI, waited for 2 days, the customer is never seen again.Already paid for this customer told me, said more than 16 times, in this step, we all know is not single, must sign the 4 k knife is hate customer all day make you full of hope and fell down the valley.Should still emotional brand dozen good, chat when we can voice online 2 hours a day, finally got the list.Customers after a friend introduced to buy (is also a dealer), then coincidence that the customer's employees went out to go it alone, of course, directly to find me.The fourth is the customer go out alone employees to introduce.So emotional card to play loud, let the customer do not do business with you are guilty. 



Handle guest mistrust of the us in the Middle East



The Middle East customers have a common characteristic, suspicious.When they talk to us, hands at least have more than 20 suppliers information.PI one minute before make payment, he said may stop payment then we will consider again, the list yellow.So we're going to do: as far as possible to provide the credentials of the company and company information to the customer, then how about the company's performance.Meet their paranoid, I will go to the recent cargo documents, bank of water single out (seeing is believing!) to try to convince the customer.



Every Muslim holiday, to congratulate



The other is the Eid al-fitr, a simple Eid Mubarak!Maybe will have unexpected harvest.Sometimes for a long time not contact customer, maybe he need to buy your company's products, just don't worry, so contact you also can't remember.But your congratulations email, he will think of you, will want to fill up as if he needs some inventory, then an order will follow.And customers will therefore think you remember him, bless him, this is a very good impression. 


How to solve the Middle East customers niggling paper



Not all of the Middle East customers really love niggling paper, but a large part of the Middle East customers love play to depend on.My client, for example, a customer blackmail that I want to go to dubai customs tell me (our goods just arrived, suddenly gave me a column article 11, I came to take evidence was rejected. The last question, inflatable goods have a small leakage is normal, the common solution is to take glue, we have to compensate for free repair kits with glue. But customers don want me to compensate a batch of goods for free) threat to me a week, also blocked me.After friends and threatened to return, talk about not approach block me again.Then add friends talk to me, finally I said free give him three pieces of goods (was 2 M 10 pieces of cargo, the customer is new stock is 2.5 M in diameter).Lost 3900 sent three pieces of goods, delivery before the video picture full until he was satisfied delivery to customers, the customer received the goods you have nothing to say.The second, third single all did.Now wait four single payment.Niggling paper don't be afraid, we can appropriate to the customer, try to repair relations.But also they can afford to have the bottom line, beyond the bottom line firmly don't agree with, can still wind up commonly.The second dubai customer something is wrong with the first shipment, also pay for the solution.Encounter very have faith customer, be sure to beat about the bush says he is a loyal christians, Allah will bless him, the time of this to do list will play a big role.



Try not to disturb the customer on Friday



Friday is a Muslim prayer, they is not work that day, from noon to go to the mosque worship.So that one day even if the customer's MSN or skype online, you also don't talk to him about the business, are even talking about the order, you are in a hurry to find his confirmation, also don't pull the he said on this day.Unless customers actively looking for you to talk, don't bother the customer on Friday.Urgent email went, then online comments.Source standard, the copyright belongs to original author



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