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Saudi Arabia auto parts market size of $2.6 billion

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Administration according to Saudi Arabia, according to Saudi Arabia in 2015 auto parts, tires and battery import trade of $2.53 billion, and exports reached $51 million, the auto parts market turnover of about $2.6 billion.Among them, the auto parts imports totaled $996.5 million, car tire imports totaled $15.5 million, truck tire imports totaled $15.3 million, a car battery imports totaled $209.7 million.Car batteries main sources of South Korea, accounting for 64% of total imports.Tyre mainly imported to Japan, accounting for 30% of the total;Auto parts are mainly imported from Japan, South Korea, the United States, Germany and France.

For Saudi domestic auto manufacturing industry development lags behind, the vehicle and spare parts mainly rely on import.It is understood that in 2017 the jeddah auto parts will be on January 31 2017 solstice held on February 2nd in jeddah conference and exhibition center, major automobile manufacturers around the world are aimed at Saudi Arabia market.



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