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Cosmetics in the Middle East market

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The ratio of Iranian women spend money on cosmetics at about 10% of their revenues.The Iranian women has become the second largest cosmetics buyers in the Middle East.(in the Middle East, Saudi women are the only one in the aspect of cosmetics to buy more countries than Iran.)

A few decades ago, like girls make up in Iran this sort of thing is unimaginable in China.After the 1979 islamic revolution, the authorities have a lot of restrictions against women.Things like make up in Iran is forbidden.Some Iranian girls because lipstick and even the morality police fined by the authorities.Sometimes even arrested.Until the 1980 s or so, the authorities relaxed.In the 90 s, the new government to allow imported cosmetics again.Young iranians are piling into buying lipstick, lipstick and mascara.But because the government a 50% tariff on imported cosmetics, expensive cosmetics sales in the shop.So the black market there are a large number of smuggling of beauty products, these beauty products in Iranian women are also very popular.

Although the women who come to work in a government office or banned, wearing makeup work, also can't make up at work.But this is more than a few decades ago has been a lot better.Although of Tehran's morality police said, now on the way to see the heavy make-up, sootiness makeup woman or will be fine.But when you will be fine at ordinary times is very thick sootiness makeup?

Since ancient times, the Persian beauty is famous, even today, Iran beauty can still ranks within the top three in the world.Walking in the streets of Iran, from time to time there is a tall, white and charming beauty Iran passed from your side.Iranian women not only have good face and slim figure, more major is, they were all very have temperament, young or old, gentle is virtuous.It is no exaggeration to say that Iran's beauty can be more than 50%, the average two girls inside, there is a beauty.But because Iran law requires women to wear robes, turbans, conceal their femininity.So according to the regulation, the women in addition to the face and hands, other parts of the body are not exposed.As a result, to make superior appearance, Iranian women searching for ways to make their face more beautiful.Therefore, Iranian women spend on cosmetics is big kung fu, from a girl of 15 or 16, middle-aged and old women in their 50 s and 60 s, almost no one doesn't make up.

Measured by sales, with a population of 38 million female Iran is second only to Saudi Arabia's second largest cosmetic market in the Middle East, seventh in the world."Iranian women at the start of your morning makeup every day. They know that even if feel uncomfortable, beautiful dress must also take to the streets again."Fashion designers, 30, Tina linacre mu said.

Some professional beauty makeup division estimates that in Iran, women almost every month to buy a mascara, let the French girl.In so many cosmetic and skincare brand was born in France, women on average every four months to buy a mascara.

Due to the relatively strict dress, makeup has become the important means of Iranian women self expression.Iran around the be fond of of women to makeup style is not consistent.The northern women like to use color of mascara, deserve to go up with the perfume of the flowers;Southern women prefer black mascara, sprinkle with more strong perfume."This is a booming market, about hundreds of millions of dollars."



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