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On January 18, 2016, after the United States and the European Union sanctions against Iran solution to Iran's export trade also began to loose, Iran because of the rich oil, sanctions before actually is a very rich country, now lift the sanctions, Iran's oil exports to wealth accumulation and that right soon.

Due to years of sanctions, deprivation, Iran's imports will be prosperous, and because of China's traditional friendly relations with Iran, coupled with the Chinese products because of the high cost performance, Iran on imported Chinese products are traditional, so exports to Iran will be under the condition of the foreign trade has risen.


Goods to Iran if not taken will give exporters unexpected huge loss, so the export of Iran's foreign trade companies must understand the rules and regulations of relevant laws and regulations of Iran:

1 Iran import tariffs

Iran's tariff classification of goods by the world customs organization directory tariff system, is based on the AD valorem tariff.Duties set by the central bank exchange rate paid in currency.

Most of the mechanical equipment of tax rate from 5% to 10%, cif, some products are as high as 150%.Imported goods is extracted several small tax, including tax 1.5% of the cif value of the chamber of commerce.

The approved imports of capital goods and raw materials for foreign investment projects can be exempted from tariff, in laboratory medicine, and chemical not tariff.

Almost all the goods to impose commercial profits tax, tax rates will be listed in the annual import rules, most commercial profits tax in weight, but some also in quantity or value.If can be calculated by weight, the customs will put the weight of the ordinary packing minus from the total weight.

According to the value in different tax rate from 1% to 200%.Business profits tax includes monopoly tax, the tax must be paid before customs clearance.If filing false or any other violation of the rules of import, the customs will confiscated goods or impose a fine.

If from should pay day, within two months have not pay, so is equivalent to the value of the fine will be part of goods sale.

If the goods detained by the customs without reason, held every month can get no more than 1% of cargo value compensation.


Inspection certificate: according to Iran's central bank's instructions, Iran's private companies have obligations at the time of delivery the goods worth more than 1.5 million riyals, must show the inspection certificate for purchase, the central bank approved 15 inspection company.Three copies (a copy of the certificate must be submitted in the chamber of commerce).

Freight note: such as freight list need to be notarized, then at the end of the document must be signed on the price of the legal explanation: "we guarantee that the above mentioned price along with all of our documents are correct."



(1) name of commodity, and the manufacturer's address, and country of origin;

(2) trademark registration number in Iran;

(3) of the ministry of health in Iran to allow the product production and the sales permit number and date.Exports to Iran should pay attention to abide by Iran's national bureau of standards (ISIRI) new standards.Many industrial chemicals need special import license.

For import of living creatures, and insects, eggs, the root of the plant, the bulb, stem, branch, fresh fruits and vegetables, seeds and any plants or plant parts, all need to country of origin of the health certificate, and to get prior approval from the ministry of agriculture in Iran.

Import licensing usually specifies the entry requirements, special treatment, port of entry limitation on the breakdown and the required documents.

In addition, exports to Iran veterinary drug products (including feed grain feed and supplementary feed) to submit a proof, according to the requirement of the Iranian ministry of agriculture on the product in domestic freedom of origin production, use and sell.Subject to country of origin, the certificate of approval of the ministry of agriculture veterinary medicine.

4 by Courier service export to Iran

1) Iran customs regulation: all the following limit sent items, if to send shipment sample of export, the quantity of the goods can't more than 5 PCS.

Related to limit the number of varieties of goods are as follows: Ceramic products (Ceramic), Circuits and circuit boards & PCB (circuit), Computer software (Computer software), Cotton (Cotton), Drugs preion (prescription), Electronic equipment, Electronic equipment), Eye glasses and contacts (glasses), Glass products (Glass), Industrial equipment, Industrial equipment), Labels (tags), Sports equipment, Sports equipment), Toys (toy), Typewriter ribbon Typewriter ribbon, Leather goods (Leather goods), Marble products (Marble products), a Measuring apparatus (Measuring instrument), Medical/dental supplies&equipment (Medical/dental materials and equipment), Parts, machine&electronic (mechanical and Electronic Parts).


2) whether documents or goods, export Iran will need to provide guarantee, to really send original customer seals, attention can not be express company chapter.

3) Iran customs regulation: Iran does not accept the recipient is transportation companies, customs check forced back to the meeting.

4) Iran's volume limit is not more than 4500 px x 3000 px x 3750 px (length * width * height).

Five Chinese export Iran or transit transport of goods from Iran documents the rules:

Iran's major ports have ABADAN paddan, BANDAR ABBAS BANDAR ABBAS, BUSHIRE bushehr, BANDAR KHOMEYNI khomeini port, BANDAR MAHSHAHR Mach port, blanchard KHORRAMSHAHR KHORRAMSHAHR, and other major ports.

According to the demand of Iran shipping association since May 2, 2015, all goods exported to Iran, on the bill of lading must show the HS code of commodity and client identification number.Follow the new rules, exported to Iran's Shipment Instruction (shipping instructions) that require accurate to provide the following information:

1) 8 bits of each items in the HS code.

2) the consignee and notify party identification no. :

A. if the consignee and inform people are a company, shall provide the 12 company registration number (company registration number) and 9 to 12 in national code (state number).

B. if the consignee and notify party is an individual, will be expected to provide 10 national identity number (national identification number).

If there are any irregularities, would be likely to cause the goods customs clearance delays, and generate additional port storage charge and container are royalty, and other potential fees imposed by the authorities.

3) Iran only accept straight bill of lading issued by the transportation association requirements, do not accept order b/l As TO the ORDER or TO the ORDER OF XXX, is the bill OF lading, the consignee must print the actual consignee, when found after loading the goods shipped bill OF lading consignee wrong, TO modify the bill OF lading is can't change the consignee, but TO change the port OF destination.

4) in the case of straight bill of lading issued, the consignee must be specified in the document position input in NATIONAL ID (company registration code and consignee personal code)

5) all exports to Iran or transshipment cargo manifest in Iran must show eight digital goods customs HS CODE (8 digits) CODE.

A: when a ticket goods only one HS CODE, please at the time of booking will be HS CODE entry details and shipment booking the specified location.

B: when a ticket goods have more than one HS CODE, in the HS CODE field in the input main goods HS CODE, at the same time under description of goods to enter all the HS CODE.

6) documents required:


A. under description of goods and record:


B. every port of discharge for mahmoud abbas, and arrange the transport of goods by the consignee/(including Iran), in the booking please indicate in English name, format is as follows:

Cargo in transit to address XXX, XXX state on the consignee or notify party 's risk and account,

XXX SHIPPING COMPANY responsibility will be finished on SHAHID RAJAEE S E Z

At the same time in the additional notes shall be indicated:

Note: be sure to clear the country names, such as not clear change single/destination port cost mistakes, etc shall be borne by the responsible party.

7) goods to Iran, it must provide the invoice and packing list, invoice and packing list on the consignee or consignor must be consistent with the bill of lading on the consignee or consignor.

For example, you can't write on the invoice to the shipper: XXX company, and the shipper on the bill of lading is to write a third party company, such as the names of the intermediaries, etc.

8) Iran importer is famous of L/C terms very much, most of Iran's L/C with the shipment's shipping company issue a "vessel certificate", as one of the negotiation documents.

So, before confirm the ship company, will provide the ship in advance the problem of the consulting company's ability to provide ship, ahead of only after approved by owner, can booking the ship company's positions, and let the ship certificate issued by shipping company.

Such as UNDER DECK, etc., must apply to the shipowner, when booking party can arrange put bilge tank and issue a card ".

9) the port of destination KHORRAMSHAHR and KHORRAMSHAHR SPECIAL ECONOMIC ZONE is the nature of the different, cannot confuse STH with STH else, B.A BBAS/BUSHEHR/CHABAHAR port and so on.

10) Iran inland point: the weight of the goods plus the total weight of container tare actually cannot be more than 22 tons.

11) on the bill of lading must show the ship company name specified inland transportation company, a number of the bill of lading and cargo weight should be consistent with the invoice, packing list, etc.Such as single ticket bill of lading contains two or more containers, packing list must indicate on each container number, gross weight and size.

12) on arrival of the shipment BANDAR ABBAS within 10 days free storage.If more than 10 days are not pick up the goods, will not be able to enjoy free stockpiling, 10 days before and will be calculated from the first day discharging charge storage charge.

13) individual destination charge food taxes and other taxes shall be borne by the shipper, need individual confirm with ship company.

14) is one of the both the CONSIGNEE and NOTIFY on the bill of lading must show the correct contact information (TEL/FAX), reason can't display, as a result of trade must be issued by the shipper "bill of lading does not show the CONSIGNEE contact information guarantee".

15) on the bill of lading must show L/D right TERM, such as "CY to CY" "CY - FO".

16) on the bill of lading must clearly show correct carton box quantity and FCL (FCL/LCL (LCL).

17) bill of lading must display properly capitalized on PACKAGES, such as "SAY THIRTY - TWO CASES ONLY".

18) on the bill of lading can't show any freight and cost.

19) to focus on the port customs clearance of goods at any time.In case the customer with all sorts of reason to refuse to pay, or claims.

20) manufactured goods exports Iran must do VOC certification, need halal food certification.

21) Iran import goods inspection application procedures:

A. importers to complete an inspection application, to include all the inspection items of the goods purchased, such as: quality, quantity, packing and so on, which contains quality should be adopted standards and main index (test).

B. importers will fill in the inspection application submitted to importers of institutions (or their agents, such as: B.V. irfan office) and verification, inspection company (or its agents) confirmed sign the inspection application.

C. importers with this confirmation letter to the bank to apply for the L/c, if no inspection company's confirmation, the bank will not issue the L/c.

D. the importer made after the L/C, L/C copy and submit the original copy of the P/I, confirm the inspection company, inspection company would send instructions.

E. domestic inspection agent (such as: B.V. Shanghai office) after receiving inspection instruction will inform exporters/manufacturers by fax.

F. for the L/C settlement of exchange of trade, also requires the importer and the importer first inspection agency inspection organizations (or agent), the application formalities.

G. a change that will extend the contract to the shipment delivery cycle, the new program also make L/C must clearly before the test items, test on the test items such as prescribed by the company failed to test all the items will not be able to issue a certificate OF VOC (VERIFICATION OF CONFORMITY).

22) reminds exporters and related production enterprises in the process of trade contract must pay attention to the following several aspects:

A. is recommended to importers reputation, service excellent inspection institutions.If the selected inspection institution in local branches or agents will make inspection of the goods appear many unpredictable difficulties, and even lead to can't shipment;So, choose the inspection company is very important.

B. is agreed before signing the contract and importers inspection standard and testing items, testing standard must be correct and applicable.

Importer for convenience, may fill in the inspection standard and inspection program at will, in the actual inspection standard is not applicable, may appear when standards do not tally with the product, or a related project, etc., cannot be detected inspection company also can't visa, lead to exporters/manufacturers can't exchange settlement or delivery of the goods.

C. is the test items should be in the standard requirements of project, and as far as possible is production enterprises have the corresponding ability of the project.

Inspector general at the scene of the test sample and test center (qc) to witness the manufacturer for testing;Without detection test project for production enterprises, inspector is to be prepared in accordance with the provisions of the sample, send relevant national recognized testing institutions (lab) for testing, please laboratory exporters/manufacturers.

D. big goods export before Iran, need to be dealt with in the domestic first VOC certification, after getting COI certificate, the port of destination customs clearance.Many customers are large cargo has been shipped out to remember to handle the VOC certification clearance problem, but the goods sent out, is powerless.So remind you must apply for the VOC certification program before shipment.From the Middle East branch.



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