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Kolabel testing - Kenya PVOC certification profile

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Kenya bureau of standards (KEBS) is the government's statutory bodies, Kenya bureau of standards (KEBS) on September 29, in 2005 began to export standard conformance verification plan (PVoC) before.This is an applicable to the exporter to specific goods conformity assessment and verification procedures, to ensure that the quality of imported products and Kenyan health and safety and environmental protection in accordance with Kenya technical regulations and compulsory standards or approved equivalent standards.

PVoC products in the catalog must get the certificate of conformity (CoC), before shipment to the port for the country's customs, otherwise will not be able to enter.If no CoC, special circumstances can be determined by the KEBS for this batch of goods inspection, and impose a fine.

CoC certificate is a mandatory file, the customs clearance without the certificate, after the goods arrived in the Kenyan port will be rejected.As exceptions KEBS can accept importers application, completion of the arrival of the port inspection in Kenya, but the importer will take 15% of the CIF value of goods deposit equal to 15% of the fines, as well as the inspection and testing cost.

PVoC key elements include the following:

The goods before shipment inspection;

• sampling, have recognised qualifications lab for testing and analysis;

Review production process;

• document review;

Conformity assessment, (products) standards.

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