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Kolabel testing - Saudi Arabia SASO certification profile

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Industry and the ministry of commerce and Saudi Arabia SASO require all the products into the SASO certification standards include Saudi customs SASO certificate.No SASO certificate of product will be the port customs refused entry.

According to the provisions of the Saudi Arabian standards organization, SASO certificate contains all the adults and children in the home, office or entertainment products, all motor vehicles and spare parts, and building products.These products are mainly can be divided into the following categories:

1. Air conditioning, refrigeration equipment, heating equipment, (2) the battery 3. Cosmetics

4. 5. Toy compressor and fan 6. Household electrical and electronic equipment

7. 8 household pressure cooker. Wire and cable 9. Fax machines

The home switch and circuit breaker was 11. Lamps and lighting equipment 12. The elevator and elevator system

13. 14. The engine office 15 with electrical and electronic equipment. Personal computers

16. The power of 17. Phone 18. Motor vehicles and spare parts

19. The building products, paint, etc

Producers get SASO certification, exported products to Saudi Arabia, need to the following steps:

1. Apply to the consulting firm, consultancy, according to the product category, in accordance with the requirements of the SASO, inform the enterprise product certification program;

2. The enterprise in accordance with the certification program to submit samples for testing, some products (such as motor vehicles and accessories products, etc.) factory inspection is required;

3. After testing qualified products, enterprises get SASO certificate;Such as product via detecting unqualified, the enterprise will get a detail report.

4. The products are exported to Saudi Arabia, the goods enter to issue the SASO certificate, certificate of Saudi Arabian standards organization of the technical personnel to check;Such as can not issue the SASO certificate, the product will be refused entry into or sampling to the Saudi Arabia of industry and commerce or the Saudi Arabian standards organization laboratory for testing, if testing, the product will be refused entry, all expenses shall be borne by the export enterprises.

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