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Kolabel testing - professional with the third party inspection services

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Guangzhou branch standard testing technology co., LTD. (Kolabel) is a professional third party inspection co., LTD., mainly to provide all kinds of export commodity quality inspection and quality control services.The company in line with the tenet of "fair, fair", with "based on the enterprise" management concept, professional certification testing and inspection agent business.

We provide the inspection of foreign trade, travel to factory inspection, the inspection, factory evaluation, production quality tracking, container loading inspection services, etc.Company inspection mainly involves products include: toys, stationery, furniture, bags, gifts, textiles, clothing shoes and hats, metal products, steel building materials, electronics and electrical appliances, lighting, kitchen supplies, bathroom supplies, groceries, fitness and beauty series of products, such as inspection, involved in the inspection items are divided into: sampling inspection, full inspection, in factory documentary, loading supervision, factory assessment, etc., has a mature and large service outlets, high coverage, efficient service has won many international companies.

Guangzhou branch standard detection way diligently enterprising, committed to build China's largest and most professional inspection company as the goal, with the most sincere the most practical action wholeheartedly provide you with safe, economic and professional services.

Involves the inspection items are:

1, the sampling inspection: generally applies to goods from Europe and the United States.Travel (inspection)

2, all inspection: generally applies to goods out of Japan (goods can be on a business trip, can also pull product goods to my factory)

3, in factory documentary, loading supervision

Inspect the export goods are:

Bags, toys, clothing, furniture, shoes and hats, glass, plastic, ceramics, wood products, hardware, groceries, kitchen supplies, bathroom supplies, crafts, small appliances, etc

Service types mainly include:

1, the inspection before production, confirm whether to prepare raw materials, the number of factory production lines and production, check the product information, found the problem in time, and report to the guest, appear to reduce mass production and customer requirement is not in conformity with the opportunity. 

2, production mid inspection: confirmed the factory's production situation, check 3, preshipment inspection: after all packaged products, in accordance with the international standard sampling method, check the quality of the products before shipment, and tell the guest the found problems in a timely manner.

4, cabinet: supervised the factory loading process, avoid short-ship, fault, orange. 

5, 100% full inspection: check all the products.

6, factory evaluation (assessment of suppliers will be able to timely, accurate finish the ability of customer order, issued by professional detailed factory audit report).

Service advantage:

1. Honesty and fair attitude, professional inspection personnel received for you to reduce the risk of defective.

2. Make sure your goods meets the mandatory and not mandatory safety regulations.

3. Perfect testing equipment, perfect after-sales service is the guarantee of your confidence.

4. Always take the customer as the center, flexible operation, to win more time and space for you.

5. Reduce your own travel expenses needed for the inspection and other miscellaneous fees.

6. Reasonable prices, reduce your own travel expenses needed for the inspection and other miscellaneous fees.


Service program

Step 1: submit an application for inspection.

The second step: to provide the inspection data:

Step 3: collect report.

We guarantee 24 hours after completion of the inspection before delivery in the form of an email, unless there are inevitable difficulties.We suggest that the factory two days to finish production before shipment.If because of poor planning, or space is not enough, the factory could face difficulties.Often ship the goods to produce good then.That leaves very little time for inspection and to solve the problem.The buyer should set aside two days time, because it can leave enough time to make the report delivery the buyer, and to decide whether the goods shipment by the buyer.Poor plan or report must be immediately in the factory under the condition of delivery, two hours after completion of the inspection, also can send a written "inspection record" by the inspector.



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