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Kolabel testing in collaboration with the international certification body

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Division standard certification testing joint 1500 laboratories and testing companies both at home and abroad, to provide customers with the most professional product certification testing services, services cover all products industry: metals, polymers, food, toys, textile, building materials, decoration, household appliances, industrial machinery, transport...True one-stop service, help you recommend the most suitable testing program, meet the demand of all your customs clearance, can help you one-stop issued by Saudi Arabia SASO COC, Kenya, Nigeria SONCAP COC, Tanzania and other countries clearance certificate!

In order to strengthen the understanding of the international certification testing market, company a visit to the United States, Australia, Indonesia, Singapore, the united Arab emirates, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Uganda, research and development of the market.Business experience, after many years of industry accumulation of market based on international standards on the basis of knowledge and the international environment, carefully prepared, division standard will be in the field of traditional detection and emerging industry to make greater breakthrough, large-scale expanding the international market at the same time, the division standard is looking forward to cooperating with you!

The following is a common about six international certification body:

Nemko group, is a world of independent testing of mechanical and electronic products certification body.Originally founded in 1933, the headquarters is in Norway, Oslo has been 77 years of development history.For IEC to nominate one of the certification body and participate in formulate relevant standards.For a long time, Nemko relies on the standard thorough understanding and loyalty to the rigorous style of work, set up as a certification authority, fair and responsible international image.

SGS group, headquartered in Switzerland, was founded in SGS is the world's leading inspection, verification, testing and certification bodies, is the world recognized quality and integrity.SGS sgs-cstc standards technical services co., LTD is a Swiss SGS group and affiliated with the state bureau of quality and technical supervision of China standard technology development company was established in 1991 in the joint venture company, "" (SGS) and" bureau of standard measurement of the acronym "in China have set up more than 50 branches and dozens of laboratories, has more than 12000 well-trained professionals.

INTERTEK group, headquartered in London, as the world's largest consumer goods testing, testing and certification company, one of its recognized professional, quality and integrity is famous in the world.Based on a global service network all over the more than 100 countries, Intertek by providing the highest standards of the industry fair, accurate, high quality service and innovative solutions, become a highly reliable cooperation partner of customers worldwide.

CCIC Group, headquartered in Beijing, the full name of China Certification &inspection (Group) Co., Ltd. (English name: China Certification & Inspection (Group) Co., Ltd English abbreviation CCIC).At present, CCIC with about 300 institutions worldwide, 200 cooperation laboratory, more than 16000 employees, operating network covers more than 20 countries and regions, all over the world's major ports and cities and the goods distribution center.CCIC has always been committed to the "quality, safety, health, environmental protection", provide the "one-stop" integrated solutions for global customers, has become a enjoys high reputation in the world, in China's most influential comprehensive and international inspection certification body..

BV group (Bureau Veritas), also known as the French international inspection Bureau, the Bureau Veritas, founded in 1828, is one of the world's largest inspection company and the classification society.BV in addition to providing vessel inspection classification, but also in various industrial fields to provide a wide range of quality inspection, certification, consultation, supervision and notary services.Has around 10000 employees in 140 offices in 140 countries and regions, in 2000 the group's annual turnover of more than 850 million.BV group annual turnover of 1.846 billion euros ($2006, 12% higher than in 2005 (1.647 billion euros), a total of 26207 employees, serving more than 280000 customers worldwide.The French BV classification society is a service company, specializing in QHSE (quality, health, safety and environment) management.

TUV rheinland group trademark: the three vertices of the triangle symbol between and among human beings, science and technology and environment interaction, at the bottom of the wave represents the technical inspection."Precisely the Right" these two words summed up the commitment to services - absolute precision and, indeed, so is a reliable partner.For decades, the brand, win the trust of millions of people around the world enjoy high reputation, represents the product through neutral agency inspection, the safety and quality trustworthy.



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