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Now all countries in the world in promoting green textiles, related to the environmental protection textiles and clothing, more and more appeared on the market.Through some tests to meet international standards to the requirement of textile and clothing, now has become a brand and trade companies in the development of a tool.Guangzhou branch standard testing technology co., LTD., professional testing services has won many well-known apparel brands, retailers and buyers approval.In addition to the testing and inspection services, we also provide all kinds of training service, including all kinds of technical seminars held and relevant product standards, basic knowledge of textile, textile label seminars, etc., with customers to share the latest information technology and inspection standards.


We cover the test products

Fiber and yarn, fabrics, feather products, garments, prevent bask in clothes, functional clothing, clothing textiles


We offer a test project

Fiber composition analysis, color fastness test, strength test, quality, size change rate and combustion test, fabric structure analysis, green textiles testing, fiber and yarn, feather product testing and other testing.


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