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1, Cameroon COC/AOC certification profile:

After August 31, 2016, the export of Cameroon controls within the product need to apply for to deal with AOC (certificate of Attestation of Conformity).

Provisions within the product, you must first apply for a good AOC certification certificate, and then with good AOC certificate to apply for COC certificate to the ANOR (general certificate of AOC by exporters apply for to deal with, COC certificate by the importer for application).

If stipulated in the product to the port after no COC certificate, so when the customs clearance will face fines.

Cameroon AOC authentication control product list as follows:

1, All Food and Related products (including agricultural products) All the Food and Related products (o agricultural products)

2, building Materials, such as Steel, plate, alloy, etc.) Construction Materials (e.g., Steel sheet and alloys)

3, Petroleum products, Petroleum products

4, All Cosmetics Cosmetics

5, Paper products, such as books) Paper products (i.e. for School books)

6, cylinder Gas cylinders

To export companies, if your business involves the AOC authentication controls product export, be sure to read carefully the AOC certification rules, to avoid the product to the port customs clearance is fine.


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