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1, Gabon PROGEC/COC certification profile

In order to prove that products meet the requirements of Gabon national or international standards, protection of Gabon consumers' health, safety and environment;To protect the public from the dangers of unqualified products and prevent the import of unsafe products.

Since January 1, 2016, Gabon bureau (hereinafter referred to as AGANOR) began to implement this for all controls product conformity assessment scheme.With exports of Gabon, Gabon and Gabon local importers, exporters the products need to meet in Gabon in control bureau of standards (AGANOR - Agence Gabonaise DE Normalisation) of compliance certification program (PROGEC) requirements, to ensure the smooth customs clearance of goods.On May 20, 2016 to Hong Kong in the future, did not get the COC compliance clearance certificate of control clearance of goods will cause serious delay, fines, and even the return of the goods and risk.

At present the products covered include:

I. machinery, mechanical equipment, electronic and electrical products

II. Construction products

III. Chemical products

IV. The medical apparatus and instruments

V. body care and health care products

VI. Toy

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