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The enterprise value

Our core values are fixed and is unconditional.

They notice is honest and trustworthy, objective and fair, respect the individual and the social and environmental responsibility.

These values are each of us to mark the "glue" of the group together.

They strengthen our unity and cohesion, to ensure that we achieve a benign growth strategy.

Two of the core values:

- honest and trustworthy

- the objective and fair

Our industry is the focus of a recent work.

This work led by the international inspection agency alliance (IFIA).The agency's purpose is to develop a management all members IFIA the rules and procedures, thus improve the image of the industry.This work requires each member must:

- the obey the basic ethical standards within their organization

- to ensure the ethical behavior

- make sure honest service.

As a member of IFIA, we are committed to within the organization to establish and implement rules and procedures, and formulated the regulations reflect all IFIA the requirements of the code of ethics, thus IFIA the work principle and regulation has been included in our code of ethics.

It is the responsibility of all employees, managers, and executives to make rules and regulations for the future success of our business processes and key component.

Honest and trustworthy

Our behavior comply with the sincere, honest and fair principles.

We match words with deeds.

We formulate and honor our contract and action.

We comply with company policies and procedures.

We respect the confidentiality of the business and personal information.

We respect the local and international ethical and professional standards.

We provide information, guidance and training when necessary, to ensure that the staff team of occupational health and safety.

All of us must work in health and safety duties and responsibilities.

Objective and fair

We provide professional and impartial advice.

We according to your own best practices, provide accurate record of action report.

Respect the individual

We use the proper way towards others.

We consider our individual behavior affect others.

We strive to make personal contribution recognition and accept accurate performance feedback.

We respect diversity, care for others, and not because of race, origin, age, gender, or religious and political beliefs and discrimination against others.


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