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1, Egypt GOEIC clearance certification is introduced

Egypt GOEIC plan

All export textiles and leather products in Egypt, wallets, belts in June 15, 2012 were tested to obtain the COC certificate to customs clearance in Egypt.

The plan by the Egyptian GOEIC (General Organization of the Export and imports Control), cover all the entrance to the Egyptian textile and leather products, to ensure that the product is in conformity with relevant standards of Egypt.

How to deal with?

Such as textiles and leather products to Egypt, have test report, the first thing to identify the test report of the body is in accordance with the inspection certificate of Egypt, and the second confirmation test project is in accordance with the laws and regulations standard of Egypt, and the concrete can provide test report to COC his query and confirm.Effective report confirmed in accordance with regulatory requirements, need to apply for COC before shipment.

Transaction process:

1. The exporter Egypt COC application materials submitted before shipment, including:

1) pictures of the product design

2) Invoice, Packing List, Invoice & Packing List)

(3) the COC form provided by his agency)

2. According to GOEIC by his smoke 2-3 test requirements

3. After testing qualified, apply for the inspection

4. After the inspection by exporters to submit the final file his application


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