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1, Iraq COC clearance certification is introduced:

According to article 8 Iraqi law 54, chapter 3, the Iraqi central standard quality control organization (hereinafter referred to as COSQC), will be implemented before import inspection, testing, and his plan (hereinafter referred to as ICIGI), designed to limit does not conform to the standard, the fake and shoddy products imported into Iraq, and protect its domestic consumers, producers, the environment and public safety.Iraq's central standard quality control organization (hereinafter referred to as COSQC) have to export goods to Iraq before inspection, testing, and his plan (hereinafter referred to as ICIGI).The project to start on May 1, 2011.All imports in Iraq before inspection, testing, and his plan (hereinafter referred to as ICIGI) controls within the scope of the products, imported into Iraq must enclose Certificate of Conformity Certificate of Conformity (CoC) or put shipment notice (Release notes).Product conformity certificate is required for the goods in the customs clearance documents, for cargo customs clearance in Iraq.

Iraq CoC certification time, cost, prepare materials

CoC Iraq belongs to the compulsory certification, by the exporter application, used for importers in the port of destination customs clearance.That Iraq controls within the directory of all products must be dealt with, belong to a one-time clearance documents.

2, to deal with Iraq CoC need to prepare the information as below

1. The packing list

2. The proforma invoice

3. The product test report: have the test report don't have to repeat the test, unless the individual products need field sampling test

4. Fill out the application form for CoC: blank application form provided by the deal with institutions

5. Copy of L/C also need to provide the L/C

Audit by the above information will be arranged the inspection, the inspection by the CoC certificate issued

3, Iraq COC certification matters needing attention

Syria and Saudi Arabia SASO certificate, CoC, etc, the need to check the inspection at the port of destination, including the following:

1. Check the CoC certificate of authenticity

2. Check the goods to the port and submit relevant documents are consistent

3. Check the goods status

4. Against the Iraqi customs insist on ark of goods packaging check, etc

As the above verification results as "satisfaction", issued by the port of destination will release documents

Iraq CoC certificate and Iraq VoC certificate refers to the same kind of certificate, just name is different, is refers to the product conformity certificate, for importers to the port of destination customs clearance.CoC English full name: Certificate of Conformity

VoC English full name: Verification of Conformity

The CoC in Iraq and Syria CoC transaction process, the different is Iraq need inspection at the port of destination, and Syria requires importers in importer apply for VOR is nuclear price.

Iraq electrical parameter requirements are as follows

Iraq's voltage can indicate a range, for example: 100 v to 240 v, 220 v - 230 - v...Is acceptable

It can be marked by the same token, the frequency 50 hz / 60 hz, 50 hz - 60 hz...Tagging is 60 hz alone are not acceptable

Add: 220 v voltage has been listed as an acceptable voltage in Iraq

Iraq product labels and specifications are as follows

Iraq COC certificate at the same time have English and Arabic bilingual, the certificate is used to provide to the importer to the port of destination customs clearance.

For refrigerator air conditioning and other products, currently in Iraq did not like Saudi Arabia mandatory energy efficiency labels.

Products need to prepare the Arabic manual to Iraq, such as only English instruction, need to increase a Arabic manual.

For electrical and electronic products, the instruction shall include the following contents:

1) product name

2) the name, manufacturer

3) the trademark or identification mark

4) model

5) country of origin

6) simple description, and install and in the right way to operate

7) 8 troubleshooting information and home appliance, should follow the instructions), warning and use......Etc.

On electrical and electronic products IN carton need to indicate the manufacturer name or trademark, name, model, voltage frequency, etc., of course, MADE IN CHINA logo is necessary.

4, the following is the Iraqi control product detailed list:

1) toys:

Children's toys, crayons, watercolor and clay modelling, etc.2) electrical and electronic products:

Household appliances and electronic products, household appliances installation accessories (switches, plugs, sockets, adaptors, strips, etc.);Battery (lead-acid batteries, battery);Household electric light (fluorescent lamp, tungsten lamps, energy-saving lamps);PVC insulated wire and cable (rated voltage 450 v / 750 v, 600, rated voltage 600 v cable).Household electric machine accessories (ballast and starter);Household heating element and electric constant temperature water storage type electric water heater;Telephone cable.Evaporative air cooler and its accessories (motor, pump), etc.

3) car, tires and auto parts:

Vehicles and spare parts, automotive safety glass, different cars, trucks, trailers, bus, bicycle, motorcycle tires and CheGuan, etc.

4) building products:

Cement;Galvanized sheet.Aluminum alloy column line - general engineering use tubes, rods, profiles;Reinforced concrete with carbon steel bar;Structural steel;Steel and concrete with welded steel pipe;Zinc plated carbon steel and nodular cast iron pipe and fittings;Building brick;(water tap, faucet and valve to stop public service with cut-off valve and mixing valve);Plastic pipes, pipe fittings, fittings and joints, etc.

5) cosmetics, personal hygiene items and detergent:

Cosmetics (all kinds);Dentifrices, shaving cream and bubble;Household laundry detergent (high foaming, ca);Household liquid detergent and cleaning cream;Soap, baby soap, liquid soap;Air freshener (all kinds);Baby diapers and old diaper;The sanitary napkin.Tissue (including the kitchen towels, wet wipes, aromatic paper towels and toilet paper);Toothbrush.Fabric softener.Carpet, floor, oven, glass cleaner;The toilet cleaner;Sodium hypochlorite solution.Calcium hypochlorite and chlorinated lime;Disposable razor blades;Pipeline cleaner - alkaline etc.

6) daily hardware:

Safety matches;Plastic and rubber eraser;A pencil.Wooden color pencil, pencil knife;Hose.

7) kitchen utensils and appliances, paper cups, paper plates and paper straws;Disposable plastic cups, trays and containers;Plastic straw;Plastic table utensils and tableware, aluminum utensils;Stainless steel tableware and silverware;Aluminum foil food containers;The food and drug aluminum foil wrapping paper;Food with a metal container;Metal pot, kettle, teapot, and sewing equipment (coating and the coating);Ceramic tableware;Raw material in plastic food containers, etc.

8) chemicals:

Fuel oil painting (all kinds);Car paint, putty, polish, cleaner;Thinner;Drinking water trucks inside epoxy paint;(acrylic emulsion coatings and PVA), plastic, paint, etc.

9) textile and footwear:

Shoes and slippers.Socks;Underwear;Bedding, blankets, bedspreads, sheets);Pillow core, etc.

10) household gas stoves:

Liquefied petroleum gas cookers and water heater;Kerosene convection heater and the cooker and household water heater, etc.

11) other:

All kinds of metal cans and metal cover.

Note: products of all exports to Iraq in control CoC certificate within the scope of application, is beyond the scope of control for PSI certificate.

5, the certification process:

After receiving the customer approval application certification.Authentication mainly divided into the following five steps

1) file,

Reports, instructions, specifications, etc of product in accordance with the standard for inspection, determine the certification process and time.

The application form

Form/commercial invoice and hs code

Quality control documents (test report and analysis report, etc.)

The company's quality system certificate (ISO 9001, ISO 9001, ISO/TS16949, etc).If applicable

2) test (if applicable)

If the product didn't report, must be a qualified third party lab for testing.If the product has been reports in conformance with international standard, and will check the IQS in Iraq or TR standard deviation.

If manufacturers out of the internal test report, you need to provide manufacturers quality system certificate (ISO 9000/9001 or equivalent certificate) + factory audit report, list of equipment and calibration certificates

3) the outgoing inspection

According to the product range and related requirements, may need to preshipment inspection (PSI)

Preshipment inspection can be conducted in the factory or port of shipment.If needed, the analyst can choose the samples according to the Iraqi standard test.

Will ship the product and shipping invoices and other exporters were compared to provide documents, check product identification, state deviation (such as brand, model, specification, expiration date, batch number, specification, ingredients, warnings, etc.).To extract the sample compared with exporters provide documents in advance.

4) issued the certificates

File is complete, testing and inspection after passing test facility will be issued the CoC certificate.Certificate of conformity (CoC) is the product import to Iraq and necessary conditions for customs clearance.

Has the following situation will issue is not in conformity with the report:

- the inspection report is not in conformity with the item

- test report did not meet the requirements of standard in Iraq

- 5) Iraq product entry inspection sample test failure

After product into Iraq need border inspection in the port of destination.Include the following contents:

- check the CoC certificate of authenticity

- check the goods to the port and submit relevant documents are consistent

- check the goods status

- for the Iraqi customs insist on ark of goods packaging check, etc

After completing the above inspection will issue a release file, together with the CoC provided to customs clearance


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