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1, Iran VOC/COI clearance certification is introduced

Iran's application process and inspection standards

COI (certificate of inspection) is the Iranian government regulations within the jurisdiction of strict goods need to issue the certificate

IC (inspection certificate) is each batch export to Iran needs to issue the certificate

As for what kind of certificate, issued by depends on the HS code of the goods.

2, the detailed process is as follows:

1, if the two certificates COI and IC

A. application, provide PI, HS code, test report, if you have open the l/c may need to offer (repair) before and after the l/c can also be used in the manuscript

B. test (the test content is mainly according to the test standard to determine on the test report, and supervision of loading (if don't want to carry on the supervision of loading, but by the buyer to write a LOI, Letter of Indemnity, understand what is your company asked not supervision of loading, to the port inspection if physical and discrepancy, we disclaim any responsibility, can not implement supervision of loading)

C. issued by manuscript (need to provide the final aa sheet and scan of the original b/l)

D. confirm and send the original copy (if IC needs to be done to chamber of commerce certification, certification, we also can get Hong Kong do eventually sent by Hong Kong)

2, if only a certificate issued by IC

Compared with 1, it is not need to provide the test report and supervision of loading, the rest are consistent with the.

Inspection requirements:

1, if the two certificates COI and IC

We will according to the standard on the test report to do the corresponding inspection, and supervision of loading.

2, if only a certificate issued by IC

Test in accordance with the requirements of the Iranian buyers.


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