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1, Introduction of Tanzania PVOC certification

     The executive director of the National Bureau of standards of the Tanzania (TBS) has issued a formal official confirmation document that can be implemented and implemented in the conformity assessment procedure (PVOC). All control products covered in the PVOC program must be inspected and the product shall be in conformity with the national standards and other recognized standards of Tanzania, and the product conformity certificate (COC) shall be issued on this basis.

       Tanzania from February 1, 2012 onwards will be the implementation of product conformity certification COC, English Name: Certificate of Conformity, is a pre shipment inspection. All products listed in the catalogue of Tanzania controls need to apply for COC prior to shipment, otherwise they will not be able to clear the Customs at the port of destination. And Tanzania before shipment inspection is different, Tanzania needs to apply for COC before shipment, once the goods have been from Hong Kong will not be able to add COC. in addition, Tanzania COC also need to submit product testing report and other data to document examination and approval and to arrange shipment inspection and COC certificate.

       Compliance certificate (COC) is a necessary document to ensure the smooth clearance of the goods. This certificate shows that the product complies with the relevant Tanzania technical regulations and national, regional and international standards. Failure to submit a certificate of compliance issued by the inspection authority may result in a delay in customs clearance or a fine or even a return of the goods to the exporting country.

Implementation of the new deal aimed at Tanzania PVOC:

1) ensure that imported products comply with local laws, regulations and relevant technical standards

2) restrictions do not meet the standards, counterfeit and shoddy products imported into Tanzania

3) improve the market competitiveness of products that meet the standards

4) to protect its domestic consumers, producers, the environment and public safety from inferior products

2, Tanzania PVOC certification process

1 apply for inspection

The National Bureau of standards of the Tanzania (TBS) will send the import declaration form (IDF) in the form of an electronic version of the importer to the supplier in the country's PVOC inspection agency. The PVOC inspection executive will contact the exporter and provide the inspection application form (RFC). The exporter must fill in the application form, together with the proforma invoice, and send the relevant inspection agency to provide information on the date and location of the inspection. If possible, the exporter shall provide a copy of the test report and certificate of registration (or permit) at the time of delivery of the RFC form.

2 determine the inspection method

The PVOC inspection authority will review the RFC and the accompanying documents and confirm the appropriate inspection methods and appropriate standards.

3 product testing

Upon confirmation of the completeness of the documents provided by the applicant, the PVOC inspection authority shall arrange for the sampling and testing of the product before the date of shipment, and the test shall be carried out by an authorized or ISO/IEC 17025 accredited laboratory. The exporter should wait for the test results before shipment. If the exporter wishes to provide a certificate of inspection, the certificate must come from a laboratory or other accredited laboratory with the ISO/IEC system. The exporter is obliged to arrange the inspection staff of the PVOC inspection agency to conduct the witness test according to the requirements of the inspection organization. The test report shall be submitted to the PVOC inspection agency together with the laboratory approved copy. The test report must clearly indicate that the goods will be shipped to Kenya.

4 site inspection

The inspection authority shall contact the applicant and agree on the time and place of the inspection. Sensory testing is usually used to verify that the product meets the relevant requirements and to ensure that the goods are in conformity with the previous samples submitted to the laboratory for testing. If necessary, the test sample can be used for testing, but in this case, the exporter should wait for the test results before shipment.

5 issue of certificates

The exporter should submit the final invoice as soon as possible after the completion of the inspection to the PVOC. PVOC inspection of the implementation of all inspection and inspection report will be the final audit, and issue COC (compliance certificate) or NCR (non conformity certificate). The inspection authority shall indicate all corrective actions before issuing the certificate. The COC certificate is issued only after the difference has been corrected.

Simply put, PVOC includes the following key elements:

(1) inspection before shipment;

(2) sampling, testing and analysis in accredited laboratories;

(3) review the production process;

(4) document review;

(5) conformity assessment of product standards.

Application process of Tanzania PVOC:

1, customer information including invoice & packing list, product inspection report, PVOC application form

2, data audit

3, after the examination of the data, arrange the inspection date

4, after the inspection, the customer provides the final commercial invoice, packing list, arrange the card

3, Tanzania PVOC control product list










(10) informs the PRODUCTS

4, Tanzania PVOC certification matters needing attention

1, application form, packing list, invoices need to seal.

2, the test report validity period:

(1) the disposable medical supplies, batteries, stationery, cosmetics, disposable sanitary products, chemical fertilizer, textile, ceramic tile and PVC flooring and other products to provide the test report (within 3 months), the test report is valid for other products can be relaxed to a year;

(2) electrical products need to provide CE certificate or safety performance test report;

(3) the products belonging to the legal inspection shall be provided with a copy of the certificate of exchange issued by the CIQ or the copy of the release form, the test report, the health certificate, etc., and the shelf life of the port must be controlled within 75%. All samples shall not be provided, and the sampling shall be arranged, and the expenses shall be borne by the applicant.

3. If the goods are packed in wood and plant materials, please provide the fumigation certificate or visible fumigation mark of the official or its authorized institution.

4, in the confirmation of the day of the test, such as the change or cancellation of inspection, our company as a re inspection. When the inspector arrives at the appointed place, all the goods to be inspected must be prepared and arranged for the inspection. Containers must arrive on time for inspection. If the container is late, I will be waiting for one hour. If the container is still unable to arrive within one hour, the inspector will leave the office.

5, inspection and supervision must be at the same time, place. If the address does not match, unknown or temporary change of address, resulting in the inspection can not be carried out in a timely manner, the applicant company / factory must re check the time of the inspection, the company will be charged at the next inspection fee.

6, the applicant company / factory must arrange personnel to assist our company to inspect, because if the place of inspection without assistance, goods are not homogeneous, or other reasons caused by the applicant, and lead to test delay or not, the applicant company / factory will bear the resulting re inspection fees or overtime expenses.

7, the entire cabinet shipment needs our company inspector on-site supervision of loading process. Under normal circumstances, 1-2 container loading is not more than 2 hours, more than 3 or more than 3 container loading time not more than 4 hours.

8, the installation requirements for the general: not in the evening or weekend loading, or personnel arrangements may not be able to achieve.

5, PVOC program FAQ

1 what is PVOC?

Pre-Export Verification of Confirematiy (PVOC) is based on the technical barriers to trade rules of WTO fifth, according to the World Trade Organization (WTO) related laws and regulations, system design and improve the consistency of assessment procedures. It is enforced by the Tanzania National Bureau of standards (TBS) to ensure that the imported goods are in conformity with the Tanzania standards and technical specifications.

What is the scope of the 2.PVOC inspection?

All products listed in the list of PVOC inspection products are required to obtain a COC certificate, the import of goods required by this certificate in Tanzania customs clearance. Products not listed in the list of PVOC inspection products shall be subject to inspection at the port of destination.

What are the standards of 3.PVOC products?

Tanzania National Standards Agency (TBS), international standards (KS/ISO) or Chinese national standards (GB/ISO), other national standards (SABS, ZBS, JIS, DIN, etc.), approved by the certification body of the manufacturer's own standards and methods.

4.PVOC quality inspection items can be carried out in the factory?

Yes, but the factory laboratory must obtain the approval of the certification authority, or all the tests shall be sent to the accredited laboratory. Test results issued by laboratories accredited by the accreditation body will not be accepted.

5 if there is no COC certificate, what will happen?

For the goods that are unable to provide the COC certificate, the goods will be subject to a penalty of 15% of the CIF value of the goods and the port of destination inspection shall be carried out for the goods. At the same time, the products not included in the PVOC inspection list shall be subject to the port of destination inspection.

6 export enterprises can be obtained through COC certification?

There are three ways to export Tanzania, exporters / manufacturers can choose one of their own:

Route A: cargo inspection

Route B: product registration

Route C: product license

7 which is the most economical and convenient way for the export enterprises to choose COC?

Route A is mainly suitable for exporters / manufacturers with few export times per year in Tanzania.

Route B is mainly applicable to exporters and manufacturers with a large number of exports and a relatively large number of exports each year.

Route C is mainly applicable to exporters and manufacturers with very large and very large annual export volume.

8 do you need to apply for a COC certificate for registration or licensing?

According to the provisions of Tanzania, all exports of goods in Tanzania (except free goods), are required to obtain a COC certificate of imported goods shall, by presenting the certificate in Tanzania customs clearance, so when the exporter has been registered in the export of products or licensing products, still need to apply for the COC certificate, the registration of such products can enter Tanzania.

6, Tanzania COC certification and PVOC certification distinction:

COC is the full name of the declaration of conformity, in different countries have different forms of expression, including East Africa, Kenya, Tanzania, are called PVOC certification. Therefore, Tanzania COC certification = Tanzania PVOC certification.

7, Tanzania PVOC certification success case

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