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1, Kenya COC certification profile

Consumers in order to ensure the quality of the imported products, for Kenya to provide a safe, health, environmental protection, Kenya bureau of standards (KEBS) on September 29, in 2005 began to Export standard conformance Verification plan PVOC before (Pre - Export Verification of Conformity).PVOC products in the catalog must get the certificate of conformity (COC), before shipment to the port for the country's customs, otherwise will not be able to enter.As exceptions KEBS can accept importers application, completion of the arrival of the port inspection in Kenya, but the importer will take 15% of the CIF value of goods, fine 15% deposit as well as the inspection and testing cost.

2, Kenya COC certification process

(1). Apply for inspection

Kenya bureau of standards (KEBS) importers will fill out the import declaration form (IDF) data in electronic form sent to the supplier's country PVOC inspection of actuators.PVOC inspection actuators will contact exporters and to provide the inspection application form (RFC).The exporter must complete the application form, together with the proforma invoice, send relevant inspection institutions, such as and provide information about the date and place of inspection.If possible, the exporter of the RFC form for transmission, at the same time provide test report and a copy of registration certificate (or license).

(2). Determine the inspection way

PVOC inspection agency will review the RFC and attached file, and confirm the suitable testing method and the appropriate standards.

(3). The product testing

After confirm the integrity of the applicant to provide documents, PVOC inspection actuators will be before the date of shipment arrangement in terms of product sampling and testing, the test by the authorized or approved by the ISO/IEC 17025 laboratories.Exporters should wait for test result before shipment.If the exporter wants to provide inspection certificate, the certificate must be from the ISO/IEC system laboratory or other approved laboratories.Exporters have obligations according to the requirement of the inspection institution arrange PVOC inspection staff to witness the test of the actuator.Test report shall be submitted together with a copy of the laboratory accreditation to PVOC inspection actuators.Test report must be clearly shows that the goods will be shipped to Kenya.

(4). The on-site inspection

Inspection executing agency will contact the applicant and agreed the goods inspection time and place.Usually adopt sensory testing to verify whether the goods comply with relevant requirements, and ensure that goods and samples submitted to lab for testing the product before.If need be, can be extracted in the process of test samples for testing, but in this case, the exporter should wait to get the test result before shipment.

(5). The issuance of the certificate

Exporters should be tested after the completion of the PVOC inspection as soon as possible to submit the final invoice for actuators.PVOC inspection agency will conduct the final review of all testing and inspection report, and issue a COC (in line with the certificate) or NCR (is not in conformity with the certificate).Inspection actuators before issuance of the certificate will be pointed out that all the required corrective measures.COC certificate be corrected will be issued only in the differences.

In simple terms, PVOC key elements include the following:

(1) the goods before shipment inspection;

(2) sampling, have recognized qualifications of laboratory test and analysis;

(3) review production process;

(4) document review;

(5) product standards compliance evaluation.

3, COC control product catalog

Standard conformance verification plan PVOC coverage

Electrical and electronic products, toys, cars,

Food, chemicals, textile, leather,

Furniture, building materials, second-hand products such as 14 categories.

4, PVOC certification matters needing attention

1, the application form, packing list and invoice should be sealed.

2, test report valid for approval deadline:

(1) the disposable medical products, battery, stationery, cosmetics, disposable hygiene products, chemical fertilizer, textile, ceramic tile and PVC flooring and other products to provide a test report (3 months), the validity of other products test report can be extended to one year;

(2) electrical products need to provide CE certificate or safety performance test report;

(3) belong to check products shall provide the replacement certificate issued by CIQ or release a single copy of the test report, health etc;Notice the shelf life must be mastered within 75% after the port.Can't provide, all needs to arrange testing samples, costs borne by the applicant.

3, if the goods are packed with wood and plant materials, please provide the official certificate of fumigation or its authorised institutions or visible fumigation logo.

4, such as how to change or cancel the inspection on verification test day, our company shall be regarded as heavy check processing.My company inspector arrived at agreed inspection site, all waiting for the goods must be documented and arrange personnel to assist the inspection.The supervision of loading inspection, container must arrive on time.If the container is late, my company inspector will be on the scene to wait an hour at most.If the container is still be there in an hour, the analyst will leave, your company/factory inspection time must make a new reservation.

5, inspection and supervision of loading should be carried out at the same time, place.If the address is not, is unknown or temporary change address, lead to the fail to test, whatsoever that company/factory have to make an appointment time, our company will at the next renewal inspection charge for inspection.

6, whatsoever that company/factory must arrange personnel to assist our inspector, if for inspection where there is no help, goods are not neat, or other reasons, caused by the application procedure and result in delay or unable to inspection, whatsoever that company/factory will bear the cost of the resulting heavy inspection or overtime charge.

7, FCL shipment need our inspectors on-site supervision of loading.In general, 1-2 container loading is not more than 2 hours, more than 3 or 3 container loading time not more than 4 hours.

8, supervision of loading requirements for: generally not in the evening or weekend for loading, otherwise the staffing may not be able to reach.

5, the PVOC program FAQ

1. What is the PVOC?

Pre - Export Verification of Confirematiy (PVOC) is based on the WTO trade rules of the technical barriers to article 5, according to the world trade organization (WTO), the relevant laws, regulations, system design and improve the consistency of the assessment process.It by the Kenya bureau of standards KEBS enforced to ensure that the relevant import goods conform to the standards and technical specifications of Kenya.

2. The PVOC inspection product range have?

All products listed in the PVOC inspection product list need to obtain a copy of the COC certificate, the certificate of imported goods shall clearance in Kenya.Not included in the PVOC inspection product list products need to the port of destination.

3. The PVOC acceptable product standards have?

Kenya's national standards (KS), international standard (ISO/KS) or China national standard (GB/ISO) and other national standards (SABS, ZBS, JIS, DIN, etc.), approved by his body maker's own standards and methods.

4. PVOC quality project can be in the factory?

Can, but the factory laboratory must receive approval, his otherwise all testing must be sent to his agency approved laboratories.Without his institutions issued by the approved lab test results will not be accepted.

5. If you don't get the COC certificate, will produce what kind of consequences?

Cannot provide COC certificate for the arrival of the goods will be according to 15% of the CIF value of the goods price is fined, the port of destination in the batch of goods inspection at the same time.At the same time, was not included in PVOC inspection product list products need to the port of destination.

6. In what way could export enterprises have the COC certificate?

Export Kenya a total of three ways, exporters/manufacturers can according to oneself circumstance to choose one of them:

The Route A: the goods inspection

The Route B: product registration

The Route C: product license

7. Export enterprises choose the most economical and convenient way to get COC certificate?

The Route is mainly suitable for A small amount of annual exports Kenya exporters/manufacturers.

The Route B is mainly suitable for varieties of annual export more and more single exporters/manufacturers.

The Route C is mainly suitable for every year exports is very big and very frequent exporters/manufacturers.

8. Registration or permission of goods need to apply for COC certificate?

All according to the regulation of Kenya, Kenya's export goods (except products exempted from inspection), are required to obtain a copy of the COC certificate, the certificate of imported goods shall in Kenya, customs clearance, so when the exporter in exports registered or licensed product, still need to apply for COC certificate, so that the certified products can enter Kenya.

6, Kenya COC certification and PVOC certification difference:

COC certification is the full name of conformance statement, in different countries have different forms, including Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda are called the three East Africa PVOC certification.So the COC certification = Kenya PVOC certification in Kenya.

7, COC certification success stories

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