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1、Introduction of SASO certificate

    The abbreviation of SASO is English Saudi Arabian Standards Organization, namely the Saudi Arabian Standards Organization.SASO responsible for establish national standards for all commodities and products, also involves the measurement system to the national standards, logo, etc.SASO certification, export Saudi collectively, should actually be called Certificate Of Conformity certification, translation for conformance statement, namely the COC certification (to take the three words the first letter).So beat SASO certification with the words on the surface of the product, it is wrong to have this kind of printing may result in customs clearance is not successful.Industry and the ministry of commerce and Saudi Arabia SASO require all the products into the SASO certification standards include Saudi customs SASO certificate.No SASO certificate of product will be the port customs refused entry.

2、SASO certification process

(1), apply to the consulting firm, consultancy, according to the product category, in accordance with the requirements of the SASO, inform the enterprise product certification program;

(2), the enterprise in accordance with the certification program to submit samples for testing, some products (such as motor vehicles and accessories products, etc.) factory inspection is required;

(3), after testing qualified products, enterprises get SASO certificate;Such as product via detecting unqualified, the enterprise will get a detail report.

(4), products exported to Saudi Arabia, the goods enter to issue the SASO certificate, certificate of Saudi Arabian standards organization of the technical personnel to check;Such as can not issue the SASO certificate, the product will be refused entry into or sampling to the Saudi Arabia of industry and commerce or the Saudi Arabian standards organization laboratory for testing, if testing, the product will be refused entry, all expenses shall be borne by the export enterprises.

3、SASO certification regulations, product range

   According to the provisions of the Saudi Arabian standards organization, SASO certificate contains all the adults and children in the home, office or entertainment products, all motor vehicles and spare parts, and building products.These products are mainly can be divided into the following categories:

Air conditioning, refrigeration equipment, heating equipment, battery, lamps and lighting equipment

Compressor and fan, wire and cable, power supply, cosmetics, toys

Household electrical and electronic equipment, household pressure cooker, home switch and circuit breaker

Office with electrical and electronic equipment, personal computers, telephones, fax machines,

The elevator and elevator system, engine, motor vehicles and spare parts, building products, paint, etc

Which products can't export Saudi Arabia?

It is forbidden to export products include: Saudi weapons, alcohol and sedatives, pork, pornography, brewing equipment, fireworks, Christmas tree, masks, videophone, performance of animal or human toys, statues, etc.

4、SASO certification testing matters needing attention

(1). The Saudi standard is based on the international electrotechnical commission IEC standards, and increase the national differences.

(2). For AC rated voltage 127 v or 220 v / 60 hz

(3). The frequency of 60 hz

(4). Saudi Arabia in the tropical product design should be suitable for the tropical climate of Saudi Arabia On October 1, 

(5).2003 to Saudi Arabia's electrical and electronic products began to force of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) requirements.

(6). Plug needs to accord with SSA444 & 443 standard, it is worth noting that all plugs are flat out needle, starting on November 9, 2002, all of the goods, in principle, shall not make round needle VDE plug shipment separately.  

(7). According to the Saudi standard KSA1278 & requirements, of the 1279 test environment temperature according to the tropical climate conditions, such as the temperature rise test, humidity and losses will have an effect, etc.

(8). In accordance with the requirements of KSA380, audio products, with radio frequency range is also asked to test project.Including long wave, medium wave, short wave and the scope of super wave has different requirements.

(9). In terms of the content of the label, all products must indicate the origin of the name, with the function of radio audio products and the radio frequency range with a prominent place in the nameplate or product appearance.Lighting products require ambient temperature (TA), the other is some products were asked to indicate tropical symbol (T).

5、SASO certificate inspection notice

(1), the label language: English or Arabic;

(2), instructions, warnings: Arabic or ar + English;

(3), product and packaging or label should be printed with MADE IN CHINA ";(MADE IN CHINA must be removed way reflected on the products and packaging, can not use ordinary adhesive stickers);

(4), voltage: 220 v to 240 v or 220 v.Current: 60 hz or 50/60 hz;Voltage and frequency must contain 220 v / 60 hze);

(5), plug, plug must be three feet by English plug (BS1363 plug);

(6), all hand-held power tools and household items must have Arabic instructions instructions;

(7), do not allow any registered license without SASO SASO LOGO displayed on the product or packaging, to avoid the goods so rejected by Saudi customs clearance at the port of destination;

6、The difference between Saudi Arabia SASO certification and Saudi COC certification

    SASO certificate is actually is the COC certification, Saudi Arabia is one of the COC certification.COC certification refers to conformance statement.

7、The export of Saudi certification several calls

    The abbreviation of SASO is English Saudi Arabian Standards Organization, namely the Saudi Arabian Standards Organization.SASO responsible for establish national standards for all of the commodities and products, so the general export Saudi certification, public habit called SASO certificate.Said is wrong, but SASO certificate this name is included in the product packaging, and it is strictly prohibited to print or post SASO, because his right name should be the COC certificate.To choose the authoritative professional SASO certification bodies to correct operation good Saudi COC certificate.

8、SASO certificate issuance amount - the largest institutions NEMKO characteristics and requirements

SASO certificate issuance is certainly the most authoritative institutions SGS and INTERTEK, this is without controversy.But the NEMKO is SASO certification quantity is one of the biggest agencies, and have a wide range of the a bit, so, today to explore the NEMKO institutions have to detail the release point.Let's say the background.

Just at the G20 summit, xi jinping, invite Saudi leaders attended the meeting, fully embody the commitment to this important countries in the Middle East.Saudi Arabia and Russia also vigorously compete for, for the possession of the right to export oil every year in China with the rapid increase of Saudi exports, became one of China's key foreign trade partners, full implementation of import inspection before shipment due to Saudi Arabia COC certification, is the general exporters filed "SASO certificate", where there are SASO certification scope of products without the certificate, will be unable to customs clearance, and face a higher amount of the fines and even destroyed shipped with the goods.So emphatically analyzed SASO license issuing agency, NEMKO, and NEMKO for SASO certification requirements of some details.

(1). Introduce NEMKO: NEMKO is worldwide independent mechanical and electrical products testing certification bodies.Originally founded in 1933, the headquarters is in Norway, Oslo has been 77 years of development history.For IEC to nominate one of the certification body and participate in formulate relevant standards.For a long time, Nemko relies on the standard thorough understanding and loyalty to the rigorous style of work, set up as a certification authority, fair and responsible international image.NEMKO key authentication field itself, but it is not the inspection, but for electronic product safety certification, but the NEMKO set up a branch in Saudi Arabia, hope to explore the market in Saudi Arabia certification testing, only signed a SASO certificate with the Saudi standards agency authorization agreement, from now on can the certificate.

(2). SASO NEMKO certification authority high?NEMKO is international authoritative certification bodies, as a result of the agency involved in safety certificate before more, COC certification is less, so he can carry only large advantage to make up their own short board.NEMKO is first developed the COC certification of national inspection-free cargo mode operation, so there is no authority, not just the agency model is different.

(3). NEMKO certificate fee?Whole, NEMKO issuing price is on the high side, compared with the TUV/SGS etc.1-60000 dollar value certificate need to be close to more than $500.6 - $100000 in value, the inspection of $550, 10-200000 dollar value, the inspection fee of $950.Compared with the ITS, SGS, the inspection fee, on average, your $50-100.

(4). NEMKO certification audit requirements: although NEMKO certificate does not need to inspection, but must for every type of products need to provide the perfect pictures, such as big goods delivery according to individual cases, unpacking, color box, samples, shipping mark, nameplate, etc.Photos of more stringent requirements.In addition, each product is need a ISO17025 institution authorized by the laboratory, the product of the Saudi standard or international standard test report.

9、SASO certification success story

   Guangzhou Kolabel Certification & Inspection Co.,Ltd  (KOLABEL) in SASO certification has a very rich experience, can do clothing SASO certification, SASO certification, shoes bags SASO certification, electrical and electronic SASO certification, LED lamps and lanterns of SASO certification, building materials and hardware sanitary ware SASO certification, outdoor and sporting goods SASO certification, SASO certificate of mechanical equipment, etc.

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